HR enabled adaptive org design (ICP-ORG)

What is ICAgile HR enabled adaptive org design ICP-ORG Certification?

The traditional pyramid hierarchy existed to solve specific problems in the workplace.

With the shift to more agile ways of working, organizations need a structure that will respond and adapt quickly to new challenges and the world around them.

We need to find ways to break down divisional walls and increase opportunities for people in different areas to work collaboratively. Additionally, there is a need to align the organization around the flow of work through the system and reduce bureaucracy to optimize value delivery throughout the entire organization.

This set of Learning Outcomes focuses on the concepts behind, and reasons for, adaptive organization design.

Download here the learning outcomes


Module 1 – Why adaptive org matters?

  • What is adaptive organization design?
  • Creating the learning organization
  • Start with Why
  • Types of organizational structure
  • The difference between hierarchy and decision-making
  • Understanding your organization – PESTLE analysis
  • Agile maturity assessments


Module 2 – Inside (team) adaptability

  • Characteristics of an adaptive organization
  • Integrated team development
  • Redefining a team in an adaptive org (Dynamic reteaming)
  • Redefining a customer in an adaptive org (product management)
  • Tools for mapping value in the organization and meeting customer needs
  • Organizing the people vs organizing the work (employee experience)
  • Bi-directional information flow, structures that support transparency & clarity
  • Diversity, inclusion, belonging, purpose and meaning
  • A model to describe trust, commitment and accountability
  • Different tools for decision making and empowerment
  • Team topologies and competency development models
  • Unleashing the power of creativity and collective intelligence


Module 3 – Design the adaptive org

  • Organizational network analysis
  • Wardley mapping
  • Creating psychological safety
  • OKR’s, performance management, rewards and incentives
  • Employee Journey mapping (design thinking)
  • Shifting leadership styles and culture change
  • Plan the whole organization in short cycles, with strong feedback loops
  • Understand how traditional structures work against short cycles
  • Scaling organizational structures
  • Put it all together. Review the case study
  • Put together a plan for yourself

Case studies – Always Games, Ada beat, Avanza bank, Ambevtech, Keepler, Spotify…


This certification was specifically designed for HR professionals, senior leaders, business owners, C-level managers, team leaders, project managers, product owners, scrum masters and everyone working in organizations on a business agility journey.


Our training is designed by Certified Training from the Back of the Room Trainers using research-backed brain-based adult learning techniques.

We use as our streaming platform, this allows us to manage group dynamics very much like an offline event. We work both in pairs and in small groups.
During the lesson, we use Miro as a tool for performing various tasks, thus, we visualize all our games and exercises and achieve the maximum possible involvement, which is present in our offline trainings.

This four day course is delivered by a highly qualified agile coach with real-world experience of working in agile transformations and agile teams. Ilija Popjanev is business professional with deep business experience and knowledge and PhD in organizational culture. He’s Agile coach, Scrum master, Lean expert, M3.0 and ICAgile trainer with deep agile experience.

The investment in this amazing training is 699€ including the ICAgile certificate.
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May the Agile force always be with you!!

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Apr 24 - 26 2023


5:00 pm - 9:00 pm






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